How Do Celebrities Know They’re Not Popular?

Well this is a question I’ve been asking myself a LOT recently! And by celebrities I don’t just mean singers and actors and models and news anchors! I also mean athletes, talk show hosts, psychic people (yes sadly, we have a market for those too in Lebanon).

So how do you know that this so called celebrity isn’t that popular!
Well first of all, you SHOULD ignore the number of followers on that page. I follow a lot of pages that I don’t even like. But I am however interested in knowing what they’re up to. Call me a spy or an idiot.. It’s true and we all do it. Now what really counts is the number of people who actually follow these page’s posts. As I was surfing Facebook a bit earlier, I noticed that some 37 000 followers on a Facebook didn’t even notice the existence of this somewhat celebrity!

Imagine you have 37 000 stinking facebook followers, and you barely have 25-30 likes per post… what does it mean? How BAD does it feel?

I think it simply means that people don’t even notice your existence! And your team, a.k.a you’re employees, might even unlike your posts if you stop giving them their paychecks at the end of every month. Just because you go on TV all the time and that people talk about you in a very controversial way doesn’t mean you’re the talk of the town. Even your own people would stab you turn on you!


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