Well this is going to be short, because the subject isn’t that important anyway.

Thing is, I’ve never been a Maronites fan. Yes I am Maronite, on paper that is, but I’ve never been fond of this people! I’ve always had this “??” concerning this church. I am not doubting any beliefs, I am just doubting the people behind this church.

So today was Palm Sunday, all churches were celebrating it, including our dear Maronite Patriarch Bchara Boutros al-Rahi’s church at Bkerke.
Having Patriarchs treated like political leaders is no news to us, it’s not that his predecessor was a Saint! But I mean… Even Palm Sunday?! The only day kids are actually interested in going to church!




I promised I’d make this short… In just a few words, our Patriarch is doing a great job, at losing his church. I for once, would rather call myself a “Christian” or “Catholic” rather than mention that I come from a Maronite family, because honestly, I am not honored nor interested in anything he says. And he’s not the only one to blame, other religious figures in this church aren’t making things any easier. In conclusion, even the CHURCH can be corrupted in Lebanon: it’s full of thieves and self-proclaimed leaders, who are far from being Saints. If they can’t be good role-models, no wonder we’re all messed up!


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