Joe Maalouf Vs Maya Diab: TAN WAR!

Today, I realized that I haven’t really mentioned Joe Maalouf at all lately. And then I noticed that, I haven’t even watched his “so called revolutionary show” in a while. So I decided to google his name to see what he’s been up to lately.

Long story short, I didn’t read anything, because something else caught my eye!





These two consecutive photos! And then it hit me! The dude’s just getting tanner! And it’s obvious it’s not just a beach tan! And so I came up with two possibilities to explain the difference between Joe from MTV and Joe on LBC! Either he used to wear WAY too much make up on MTV, or he’s been having tanning sessions with Maya Diab for his LBC show! Either ways, it’s awkward.


I also noticed something else. But mentioning it on my blog may hurt someone’s feelings and I might end up having a big fat lawsuit! So I’ll keep to myself for my own satisfaction!


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